Villa Sarchi Medium/Dark Roast


Villa Sarchi is a variety of coffee that mutated naturally from the Bourbon variety. Originally cultivated in Sarchi, Costa Rica, it is a commonly grown variety for cultivators in Guatemala. Our roasters recommend drinking this coffee as a moderately dark roast for the best experience. 

A note from Felix:

"At Cafe Felix, we grow and process our coffee with care and dedication all the way from seed to the cup. We love to involve everyone in the process, from those who cultivate the coffee to those who consume our coffee. We pride ourselves in providing a source of work for those in our community in San Miguel Duenas. Thank you for choosing our coffee beans, and thank you to Sahil Coffee for partnering with us to be a bridge to good people who love good coffee from afar."

Tasting notes: Fruity acidity that is very clean; fruit-driven sweetness

Varietel: Villa Sarchi

Related to: Bourbon, Typica, Pacas

Process: Washed

Origin: Guatemala

Farm: Cafe Felix

Fruit Size: Normal Rounded

Plat Size: Short


Grind Type